Malposition of the left side pedicle screws. Replacement using 3D guides

Lumbar degenerative disease is a term used by physicians to describe the natural degeneration of the lumbar spine overtime.

It includes conditions such as spondylosis (degeneration of thespinal discs as in osteoarthritis), spinal stenosis (narrowing of thespinal canal and the openings through which nerve roots exit)and spondylolisthesis (forward sliding of the vertebrae).

In those cases where surgery is required, the use of TOR JIG® S systemenables an easy and fast pedicle screws placement.

Surgical planning

  • Screws position and orientation are marked according to the surgeon´s prescription.
  • 3D anatomical model is made.
  • Personalized surgical guides are designed for each case. Finally, the biomodel and the guides are 3D printed.

Surgical process

In the CT scan after a previous surgery, it was identified that several pedicle screws on the left side were not correctly positioned, so it was decided to perform a new surgery to replace them.

In order to ensure that this new intervention is succesful, thedecision is made to use TOR JIG® S.

In these cases, surgical guides are simply snapped into place andare perfectly positioned when resting on the opposite side screw


The use of guides in cases of reintervention is esential.

In a replacement, it is sometimes necessary tomark an unsual drilling position and personalized surgical guides allow the screws to be placed more securely in the prescribed location and orientation. 

The surgery was a complete success. The patient comfirmed that the pain had completely disappeared.


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