Three-dimensional endodontic planning with Endoplanning

La planificación de endodoncia tridimensional

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The Endoplanning TM software tool will allow the endodontist to plan his interventions quickly and automatically, i.e. without requiring prior training in the use of the software, due to its intuitive interface and its ability to generate real three-dimensional models in an automated way.

In this line Digital Anatomics has decided to develop this tool in order to bring new digital technologies to everyday practice, eliminating the barrier posed by the need for high specialization in medical image processing and 3D mesh editing.

Among the options offered by EndoplanningTM are:

Automatic three-dimensional reconstruction of root canals and pulp tissue:

In a single mouse click, we will go from viewing conventional medical image slices from CT, micro CT or CBCT, to having a fully manageable and editable 3D model.

Analysis of the models:

We will be able to store in our project different measurements, such as lengths, apical diameters or root canal curvature.

Pre- and post-intervention

EndoplanningTM also allows us to analyze the volume of a pulp cavity and compare it on another CBCT with the resulting volume of gutta-percha after obturation.

3D Printing

For Digital Anatomics and our customers, additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a very useful tool in surgical planning and in scientific and academic training, so we have added a module that will allow exporting a root canal negative on an endodontic block in STL format.

This model can be manufactured in transparent resin with our new 3D printer: DA DENT PRO.

Finally, on the Digital Anatomics youtube channel we have uploaded a demo video that reflects the simplicity with which a case is executed:

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