Endodontic Blocks


3D ROOTS JIG has been created to replace the typical endodontic blocks with a new, more efficient and realistic system.  (This product just includes the working base platform, it is necessary to buy the plates separately). 

Designed by students, created together with doctors.

Dr. Francisco Javier Nieto Salas

Engineering teams up doctors to offer a much more realistic product. Watch the video of Dr. Nieto using 3D ROOTS JIG®.


Interact with 3D ROOTS JIG ®

Realistic three-dimensional canal anatomy respecting the natural conicity

Detachable fixing for product cleaning

Cavity to check for over-extrusion during sealing 

Features that make them unique

  • 3D printing allows us to generate more complex and realistic anatomies, featuring the conicity of the canals.
  • Possibility to replace roots after use with the interchangeable chip system.
  • High hardness and temperature resistance up to 220 C.

In order to carry out the practice, it is sufficient to place a pair of plates on the working platform and to clamp them by means of two manually threaded shafts.

The platform has a hole at the bottom to check the level of gutta extrusion after sealing.