Congenital thoracic hyperkyphosis

Lumbar degenerative disease is a term used by physicians todescribe the natural degeneration of the lumbar spine overtime.

It includes conditions such as spondylosis (degeneration of thespinal discs as in osteoarthritis), spinal stenosis (narrowing of thespinal canal and the openings through which nerve roots exit)and spondylolisthesis (forward sliding of the vertebrae).

In those cases where surgery is required, the use of TOR JIG® S systemenables an easy and fast pedicle screws placement.

Surgical planning

  • Screws position and orientation are marked according to the surgeon´s prescription.
  • 3D anatomical model is made.
  • Personalized surgical guides are designed for each case. Finally, the biomodel and the guides are manufactured via 3D printing

Surgical process

Due to the huge deviation that this patient´s anatomy presented,and the great number of vertebrae that needed to bearthrodesed, the surgery was raised to be very long and complex.

Thanks to the use of TOR JIG® S system, more confidence and security in the outcome of the intervention was achieved,operating times were shortened as well as the X Ray exposure of patient ant professionals.


The surgery was successfully completed. Just days after the intervention, patient showed a remarkable improvement of the position in the coronal and sagittal planes. The pain had decreased andpatient´s wandering had improved .


It is important to mention that the patient had very small pedicles, so the biomodel and guides werereally useful when the surgeon had to place the pedicle screws correctly and with total accuracy.


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