Knee replacement (arthroplasty) is the most commonly used surgery for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis.

However, tibial osteotomies can delay, or even avoid, arthroplasty.The most common ones correct genu valgum or genu varum, but when either of these two appears in combination with rotation, a 3D osteotomy needs to be performed.

This means correcting the deformity in the three planes of space in a single surgical procedure, by defining an oblique osteotomy plane.TOM JIG® T3 is the first 3D surgical guide system that allows this type of surgery to be performed quickly and accurately.

Surgical planning

  • TOM JIG® T3 surgical guide system is requested under a virtual prescription based on 2D CT images.
  • DIGITAL ANATOMICS software is used to calculate the oblique osteotomy plane to obtain the results required by the surgeon .
  • The 3D anatomical model is made.
  • Personalized surgical guide is designed. Finally, the biomodel and the guide are manufactured via 3D printing.

Surgical process

The objective of the osteotomy is to achieve optimal repositioning of the tibia in order to reduce patient’s pain and recover daily activities as soon as possible TOM JIG® T3 system makes it posible in a precise, efficient way.


The surgery was successful. In the postoperative control, it was already possible to appreciate the good correction achieved, allowing a better mobility of the patient in a few days.

Conclusions are that using a TOM JIG® T3 surgical guide system facilitated surgery execution, increasing precision, minimizing the risk of neurovascular damages, shortening operating room time and reducing the time of exposure to X-ray radiation.


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