Degenerative scoliosis

Lumbar degenerative disease is a term used by physicians to describe the natural degeneration of the lumbar spine overtime.

It includes conditions such as spondylosis (degeneration of thespinal discs as in osteoarthritis), spinal stenosis (narrowing of thespinal canal and the openings through which nerve roots exit)and spondylolisthesis (forward sliding of the vertebrae).

In those cases where surgery is required, the use of TOR JIG® S systemenables an easy and fast pedicle screws placement.

Surgical planning

  • Screws position and orientation are marked according to the surgeon´s prescription.
  • 3D anatomical model is made.
  • Personalized surgical guides are designed for each case. Finally, the biomodel and the guides are manufactured via 3D printing.

Surgical process

The main objective of this type of surgery is to achieve the correct positioning of the spine, so that the patient’s pain is reduced, so that he/she can recover his/her daily activity assoon as possible. The TOR JIG® S system facilitates the properplacement of the pedicle screws quickly and accurately, a keystage during surgery.


After surgery, the patient immediately regained what would be considered normal positioning. As aresult, the patient’s pain is reduced and walking is improved.


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