Surgical navigators and the TOR JIG personalized surgical guides system at the 2023 SENEC Congress

Last week, Dr. Antonio Luis Mostaza Saavedra gave an oral communication at the 2023 SENEC Congress where he compared the use of navigators and the TOR JIG® personalized surgical guides system, designed using AI, for the placement of pedicle screws in complex spine surgeries.

Comunicación oral del Dr. Mostaza durante el Congreso SENEC 2023
Estudio comparativo entre el uso de navegadores y guías quirúrgicas personalizadas

The main conclusions drawn from the study are:
– Pedicle screw insertion with the aid of patient-specific surgical guides manufactured using 3D printing showed 98% accuracy in screw placement.
– Its use requires low radiation exposure, short operating times and economic benefits.
– One of the main advantages is that surgical planning is performed prior to surgery, which minimises fatigue, decision-making and surgical time, and is more cost-effective than other guided technologies.