Valgus-derrotative tibial osteotomy surgery using TOM JIG T personalized surgical guides

Cirugía de osteotomía de tibia valgo-derrotativa con guías quirúrgicas personalizadas

New achievement in orthopaedic surgery! On Tuesday 13th June, at the Complejo Asistencial Universitario de León, we successfully performed a three-dimensional valgus-derrotative tibial osteotomy surgery. Dr. Vicenta Iglesia Cabaneiro together with Dr. José Antonio Guerrero, head of the Knee Unit at Hospital Universitario de Cruces, carried out the intervention with TOM JIG® T3 personalized surgical guides system by Digital Anatomics, for which a patent has been applied for.

This technique was applied to an 18-year-old girl with genu varum of 2.5° and tibial rotation of 42.4° in her right extremity. Thanks to the precision provided by this surgical guides system, the results obtained are excellent and the patient’s quality of life has been greatly improved.

Operating theatre times have been significantly reduced. This technology opens up the possibility of operating on patients with this clinical condition and pathology, which until now could not be treated surgically on many occasions due to the complexity of the surgery and the difficulty of making a two-axis oblique cut with the traditional fluoroscopy technique.