Using TOR JIG personalized surgical guides at the Hospital HM Universitario Puerta del Sur

Cirugía en el Hospital HM Universitario Puerta del Sur usando las guías quirúrgicas personalizadas TOR JIG

Last Monday June 12th we participated in a surgical intervention at the Hospital HM Puerta del Sur (Madrid) with our personalized surgical guides TOR JIG®S for the placement of pedicle screws in a spinal arthrodesis at levels T4 to L3.

Surgeons Dr. González Murillo and Dr. Alejandro Gómez Rice successfully performed the surgery on a 19 year old female with idiopathic scoliosis.

The planning software allowed them to know the dimension of the pedicle and to make the most appropriate decision when selecting the size of the screws and their location. This would not be possible without thorough pre-planning with our TOR JIG® PLANNING tool.

The use of the guides facilitates the placement of screws in areas of maximum deformity close to the apex.
As this is a very complex surgery, with very narrow pedicle diameter dimensions, maximum precision is required for correct screw placement. Currently, the data collected in more than 200 surgeries we have performed are giving us results of precision of less than 1mm!

Thank you very much to Hospital HM Puerta del Sur for the trust placed in Digital Anatomics! We look forward to working with you again.