Comparative study between free hands technique and TOR JIG® personalized surgical guides - 37th GEER Congress

Comunicación oral del Dr. Mostaza en el Congreso GEER 2023

At the recent 37th GEER Congress, Dr. Antonio Luis Mostaza gave lecture comparing the hands-free technique with the use of TOR JIG® personalized surgical guides, in real patients.

The study revealed that patients undergoing surgery using surgical guides, experienced a higher success rate in terms of alignment and stability. The result is a better long-term quality of life for the patients. In addition, a significant reduction in surgical time and a decrease in the rate of postoperative complications were observed.

These results are an important step towards improving orthopaedic surgical procedures. The use of Digital Anatomics´ personalized surgical guides can provide surgeons with an invaluable tool to achieve greater accuracy and ultimately improve patient outcomes.