Personalized surgical guides: An innovation in spine surgery

Guías quirúrgicas personalizadas TOR JIG S en el Hospital Sanitas Virgen del Mar (Madrid)

We are proud to share the outstanding case of a surgery at the Hospital Sanitas Virgen del Mar in Madrid, where our personalized TOR JIG S surgical guides were used for the placement of pedicle screws in a spinal arthrodesis from L4 to S1 levels.
Surgeons Dr. Perez and Dr. Carbonell performed the surgery on a 51-year-old man with canal stenosis.

At Digital Anatomics, we focus on innovation related to software for planning and design of custom devices, as well as 3D printing. We strive to work closely with the team at Hospital Sanitas Virgen del Mar and distributor 2Spine Solution to ensure that our products reflect our concerns for the health and well-being of patients.

Our personalized surgical guides are designed to be safe and meet the highest standards of regulation and certification, allowing us to offer healthcare professionals and patients the peace of mind and confidence they need.

We are pleased to work closely with clinicians to ensure that our technology is available to those who need it. We thank Sanitas Hospital and Drs. Perez and Carbonell for trusting us with their medical practice, and we are committed to continuing to innovate and provide cutting-edge solutions in the world of surgery!